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OTOS® W3 IP65 Wash Moving Head

Item No.: CLOTOSW3
Series: OTOS® Series
7 x 50W RGBL LED with a total output of 3,700 lm luminous flux
Single pixel control
Controllable FX LED effect ring
Zoom lens and zoom range 4° - 60°
Controllable zoom level
Dual input mode as option for pixel mapping
Flexible control options via integrated W-DMX™ & CRMX transceiver, DMX and RDM

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7 x 50W RGBL LED with a total output of 3,700 lm luminous flux
Single pixel control
Controllable FX LED effect ring
Zoom lens and zoom range 4° - 60°
Controllable zoom level
Dual input mode as option for pixel mapping
Flexible control options via integrated W-DMX™ & CRMX transceiver, DMX and RDM

With vibrant accents, the wash products in the OTOS® series enrich outdoor concert and festival stages as well as major TV show productions. Three multi-faceted eye-catchers, rich in features that are an absolute must.

Versatile zoom levels

As the largest IP65 wash moving head in its series, the OTOS® W12 fascinates with its multi-zoom feature. It enables three different levels to be controlled individually and the zoom range to be adjusted on several levels. This feature can be used on two zoom levels with the OTOS® W6 and on one level with the OTOS® W3.

FX LED effect ring

All models have the controllable FX LED effect ring in common, which can shine both in white tones and in a wide range of colours. The effect ring is barely visible when the device is switched off as it has a narrow width and therefore fits discreetly into the stage design.

Single Pixel Control & Dual Input Mode

Depending on the size of the product, either 7 x 50W, 16 x 50W or 32 x 50W RGBL LEDs are available, which can be controlled individually using Single Pixel Control. - The FX effect LED ring also has a large number of pixels, which can also be controlled individually. For more efficient use of the DMX channels, you can also use the dual input mode, which allows you to assign a separate colour to each pixel via pixel mapping.

Flexible control options

All IP65 wash moving heads in the OTOS® series have an integrated W-DMX™ & CRMX transceiver, but can also be controlled by cable via DMX and RDM.

Three options that will spice up your shows. Decide now and "Ride vibrant".

Protection class IP65
LED technology
Master & slave
Standalone mode
Single pixel control
iDMX Stick compatible


Communication standard DMX512 was developed specially for lighting systems in 1986. Up to 32 DMX devices can be daisy-chained and controlled via a control source (e.g. a light mixer).


The high energy efficiency, the long service life of the LED lamps and the low level of heat dissipation make this device particularly environment-friendly.

Protection class IP65

The IP code of the protection class indicates how well the sensitive parts of the device are protected from foreign bodies and water entering. This device is fully protected from the penetration of dust and water jets.

LED technology

LEDs are ideal for use in lighting systems: They are bright and have a low level of heat dissipation, a long operating life and low energy consumption. Moreover, LED systems often weigh less than conventional lighting systems.

Master & slave

Master/slave operation allows identical DMX devices to be controlled by a DMX device of the same model and software standard. All the devices are connected by DMX cables in series. The master device is then set to run in standalone mode and the slave devices are set to run in slave mode.

Standalone mode

In standalone mode, the device functions are controlled via integrated programmes, so no light mixer or “master” controller is required.


Strobes emit fast flash sequences, which makes movements appear “frozen” and creates a kind of slow-motion effect.

Single pixel control

This device has an individual pixel control function. Since the colour and brightness of each LED pixel can be individually controlled (“Single Pixel Control”), the device can be used to generate animated graphic patterns and pixel mapping effects.

The PAN & TILT feature moves light emission along the X and Y axes.

The W-DMX™ feature facilitates the wireless transmission of DMX control data.

Various dispersion angles possible

The device features wireless master/slave operation.

This product is ETL certified.

The high-frequency control of the LEDs while dimming ensures flicker-free operation, including for filming purposes.

The calibration chip ensures that the mixed colours of the lamp are reproduced identically when using several fixtures, thereby preventing any deviations in colour between the lamps.


This product contains an RGBL colour mix consisting of red, green, blue and lime.


This device has full RDM capability. The RDM protocol supplements the DMX protocol and enables bidirectional communication via a standard DMX network. It simplifies configuration, administration and monitoring of RDM devices connected to an RDM controller.

iDMX Stick compatible

This product includes an input for the iDMX Stick, enabling an upgrade to W-DMX functions.

Photometric values
Illuminant type
Illuminant power
50 W
Luminous flux
4,000 lm
5000 lx (10 m / 4 °)
Exchangable lens
Exchangable optics
Beam/Field angle
4° / 60°
Zoom range
4 - 60 °
LED PWM frequency
650 Hz, 1.530 Hz, 3.600 Hz, 12 kHz, 18,9 kHz, 25 kHz
Dimmer resolution
16 Bit
Dimmer curves
Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, S curve
Power mode
Colour mix functions
LED colours
Red, Green, Blue, Lime
Correlated color temperature (CCT)
1,800 - 10,000 K
CTO function
Fixed value, Linear (continuous)
Halogen simulation redshift/DTW
Factory calibration, RAW
Min. colour rendering index (CRI)
630 °
540 °
0 - 20 Hz
Diaphragm slider
Controller protocols
DMX512, RDM, W‑DMX™ (Transceiver)
Number of DMX control modes
Additional DMX features
LED segment dimmer, System settings, Fan control
RDM features
DMX adress, DMX mode, Temperature
Stand alone operating modes
Master/slave, Static, Endless loop
Special features in the system settings
Fan off, System settings can be made mains independently
Data in connector
XLR 5-pole male
Data out connector
RJ-45 socket
Mains operation
Operation voltage
100 V AC - 240 V AC/50 - 60 Hz
Rated power
350 W
Rated current
1.5 A
Inrush current
16.6 A
Mains connector
Mains plug device male IP65
Power out
Mains plug device female IP65
Max. mains output current
13 A
Mains fuse
T4AL/250 V
Fuse replacement
Possible from the outside without opening
Chassis material
Die-cast aluminium
Powder coated
Cooling system
Temperature controlled fan cooling
Cooling modes
Auto, Max. intensity, Silent, On/Off
Protection class
Risk group
Ambient temperature
-10 - 40 °C
Maximum air humidity (non-condensing)
80 %
Dimensions & weight
308 mm
230 mm
380 mm
11 kg
Other properties
Included Accessories
Mains cable, Mounting bracket, Foam inlay (insert)
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DMX Control Table (06-2024) Data Sheet pdf 177 KB
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OTOS Brochure Catalog pdf 27 MB
Cameo Product Catalogue 2024 Catalog pdf 12 MB
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DMX Control Table (06-2024)

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Fixture Library GrandMA2 (05-2024)

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Tender documents

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OTOS Brochure

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Cameo Product Catalogue 2024

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4. Mar 2024
Cameo presents the OTOS® Wash models – Three new IP65 moving heads from the OTOS® series

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